Miss/Master Pageant App


Hampton County “Natural”  
Watermelon Festival Pageant
May 17, 2014     Hampton County Recreation Department  
361 Pine Street, Varnville, South Carolina 29944

Pageant begins promptly at 11:00am

We do not accept door entries. All applications, fees, and signature money must be turned in by May 10th – No exceptions!!

                                                      Registration: for ages 0-10 is @ 10am the day of the pageant – 

Pageant begins at 11am and we will not hold your place if you are late arrival!
For ages 11 and up, registration is @ 12:30pm. Please do not be late as we will begin as soon
as the crowning has finished for ages 0-10!!

                                                                      Directors: Melissa Bonnette (803)259-1317 or

Jeanette Knight (803) 671-3570

Email/Paypal: whowantsthecrown@yahoo.com
P. O. Box 86, Barnwell, SC 29812

Please make money orders/checks payable to Melissa Bonnette c/o Melon Fest

There will be a $30 charge for all returned checks!

If you are mailing your application 1 week before the deadline you will need to send a money order only!!
No checks will be accepted the week before the pageant!!


Boys: 0-2, 3-5, 6-9

Girls: 0-11, 12-23, 2yr, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-19, 20&up (single/married)

Age as the day of the pageant!

                                                                                           PACKAGE - $50 

(Beauty and Melon Wear)

                                                          Line up is first application in last out in each category!!





Natural Pageant rules:

Beauty wear for girls, can be Sunday dress, flower girl dress, Easter dress, natural type pageant dress, or prom dress. For ages 0-8 "NO LARGE AB STONES ON THE DRESSES” dresses may have some sequins or small pearls but NO heavy stones!! This will count against you! Do not let the dress overpower your child. No make up is allowed in age’s birth to 6 years, 7-8 may wear lip-gloss and powder, 9 and up are allowed to wear age appropriate makeup. We are looking for a PRETTY face and personality!  No wigs, falls, or any kind of hair extensions are allowed. 

                                                             Boys dress clothes can be suit, tux, or Sunday’s best ! 

Girls 9 & up it is very hard to find a dress without a lot of stones etc,
                                               this will be allowed as long as the dress is NOT fully covered in stones!!


Prizes & Winnings

Beauty Kings/Queens: There will be a winner per age group. Winners will receive a beautiful crown, sash and a trophy. (Winner will be the contestant with the highest score of beauty only for each age division) Runners up will receive nice trophies. Contestants not placing with receive a nice participation gift. No one leaves empty handed!

Melon Prince/Princess: There will be a winner per age group. Winners will receive a beautiful crown, sash and trophy. (Winners will be the contestants with the second highest score of beauty only for each age division) 

Melon Wear:  May be custom made or off the rack, please be discrete and tasteful. Winners will receive a trophy or plaque. There will be a winner in each age group. Music will be provided throughout the pageant.

Signature Awards:  you may pay for your entry fees by collecting signature or business ads. If you get an ad sponsor please be sure to get their business card, as we will advertise them on the program. Signature sheet will be on the back of this application. If you collect the following (not) going towards your entry fees you will receive the following awards:

$75 – tiara                   $100 – tiara and gift               $175 – tiara, gift, trophy

$200 – tiara, gift, larger trophy                       $300 – Your entry fees paid to the pageant, large crown, directors gift, 3ft trophy with your name engraved on it, and will be crowned as Melon Sweetheart.

Top signature Winner: The contestant who raises the most money over $400 will be crowned our Melon Signature Winner. Your entry fees paid to the pageant, large crown, director’s gift, 4-5ft. trophy with your name engraved on it.

Signature awards DO NOT have anything to do with the actual winners of the pageant! This is an extra way to raise money for the pageant and in return you win PRIZES!!!



                                                              GENERAL INFORMATION


Score Sheets: All score sheets are final. Please be sure to send a stamped envelope with your application if you want your score sheets after the pageant. Score sheets are held for two weeks after the pageant and are discarded there after. Score sheets will be mailed in your envelope and not given out after the pageant!! Judges will be available after the pageant for questions; all judges’ decisions are final! We will have a professional photographer the day of the pageant and packages are available for purchase. Any pictures taken at the pageant will/or maybe used for advertisement for future pageants.

Door Admission:   $5 for everyone – children under 5 are free - Each contestant will receive 1 chaperone badge per contestant. 


Each contestant will be allowed 1 chaperone per contestant back stage – there are NO MEN allowed in the dressing rooms! 


**Please note: If your contestant wins in the pageant and you want to put them in the parade, you must provide your own transportation and fill out the parade application on line. www.hcmelonfest.org**


 Previous Winners from 2013
Please note beginning this year – if you are a previous KING/QUEEN from last year’s pageant, you will be unable to compete in this year’s pageant in the same age category in which you won.

You may move up an age division in order to compete, otherwise you will have to wait until next year to compete. We would like to ask for previous queens to accompany crowing for this year’s pageant if they wish to do so. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. If you won Prince or Princess you can still compete in the same age category. This only applies to those who won King or Queen.



                                                        EMCEE APPLICATION:

                                                   (PLEASE PRINT IN BLACK OR BLUE INK) PRINT NEATLY AND CLEARLY 
                                                AS THIS IS WHAT THE EMCEE WILL READ. PLEASE FILL OUT EVERY LINE!

I am Female___________________   Male______________________


Age:________________________ DOB:______________________________________

Street Address:___________________________________________________________

City:___________________ State:_________________-  Zip:_____________________

Phone:__________________________________- Email__________________________

Parents: _________________________________________________________________

Hair Color:______________________________  Eye Color:_______________________



I hereby agree to hold Melissa Bonnette and her pageant system, staff & facility of where pageant is held, completely harmless for any events which occur before, during, or after the pageant, including but not limited to; theft, illness, injury, accident, etc. …. I understand that I enter this pageant at my own risk and assume full responsibility for my own property and person. I understand that the decision of the judges is final and unsportsmanlike conduct by me or any members of my family may be grounds for disqualification without refund! I understand that no refunds will be given once received for ANY circumstances- unless the Pageant Director cancels the event. I give permission for photos taken during and after this pageant to be used in promotion of the pageant system. By signing and submitting this application, I agree that I am the legal guardian or contestant. All information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my ability and I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the pageant. We reserve the right to combine or delete age/gender divisions if less than 2 contestants per division. Director also reserves the right to titles and prizes. Please read and sign the attached Rules and Regulations.

____________________________________________                                  __________________

                      Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                     Date

  To print application just left click and highlight entire application then right click and hit print. 
You may have to highlight the application hit copy and save to a word document before printing!

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