Food Application

             Hampton County Watermelon Festival
P.O. Box 516, Hampton, S.C. 29924

Dear Concession Friend,

These policies have been established for concessions that participate in Festival activities.

    Each food concession unit approved for the Festival will be permitted ONE(1) FORTY(40) AMP service hookup to our service pole per vendor. Also, priority will be given to units that are self-contained and cook with bottled gas. However, no bottled or natural gas will be provided by the Festival to concessions. In addition, priority will be given to units, which have their own generator for supplying electric service for their cookers.

    During the Festival, the Chief Electrician, Hampton County Public Works Department, will supervise the Festival service pole and concession hookup. Anyone found tampering with the Festival, electrical hookup service, abusing Festival property or violating this policy will be removed from the Festival with no refund of concession fee.

   Therefore, if a maximum of FORTY(40) AMPS is unsatisfactory for your unit, perhaps you need to consider  gas service or a generator – or nor participating in the Watermelon Festival. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THIS POLICY.

   We are required for each food concession to provide the Festival with a copy of their CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE to participate in the Watermelon Festival.

   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these policies. We especially thank you for your support of the Hampton County Watermelon Festival.

                                                                                              Nancy Meyer & Tammy Mole
                                                                        Food Concession Chairpersons


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                                                          APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO OPERATE A
                                                         FOOD SERVICE UNIT

NAME OF SPECIAL EVENT_______________________________________________________________________________

NAME OF ORGANIZATION_______________________________________________________________________________

NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON(S)_______________________________________________________________________

 ADDRESS OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON(S)____________________________________________________________________

___________________________________PHONE #________________________________________________________________

DATE OF OPERATION   FROM:_____________________ TO:_____________________________________________________

HOURS OF OPERATION  FROM:____________________ TO:______________________________________________________

LIST OF FOODS TO BE SERVED:______________________________________________________________________________

LOCATION OF CONCESSION:_________________________________________________________________________________

I, the undersigned, have studied the requirements governing food service units at special events of the South Carolina Department of Environmental Control and am familiar with the applicable sections. I have complied with all of the requirements of the regulations pertaining to the physical properties of the facilities, equipment, grounds, safe water, and sewage disposal. I have trained all of my personnel in modern methods of safe and sanitary cleaning and storage of all utensils and equipment.
I do hereby request the health authority to make an inspection and issue a permit to operate a food service unit at a special event.


NOTE: Please complete the above requested information and return this application to the Environmental Health Office of the Hampton County Health Department prior to your opening date. Attached you will find a copy of the requirements governing food service units at special events.

Region 8
Environmental Health Office 531 W. Carolina Ave. P.O. Box 37, Hampton, S.C. 29924 803-943-3878

71st Hampton County Watermelon Festival

June 22nd – 30th, 2013

Food Concession Application

Concession Name:_____________________________________________________________

 Contact Person:_______________________________________________________________


Do you cook with gas?________Do you have a generator?_________

Describe all types of food served:__________________________________________________




Type of concession booth requested:

Commercial -- $300.00_____     Church/Civic Group -- $85.00_______

Icy Drinks Only -- $100.00_______

 Mail all checks payable to “Hampton County Watermelon Festival” and return with your completed application and a copy of CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE. Submit check and application that you have read, understood and will abide with Festival electricity service policy (copy attached) and all rules of the Festival. A recent sketch of your setup and booth must accompany the application. For example: how long and wide your trailer is, along with the tongue. What side you will be serving on, the electrical volt and amp of your booth. You must contact the Hampton County Health Department for Health/Food Service regulations. All alcoholic beverages are prohibited. We reserve the right to site all booths. Contact Mrs. Tammy Mole, Food Chairperson, on Thursday afternoon, June 27th, or early on Friday morning, June 28th, for your booth location. Plan to set up after 5:00pm on Thursday afternoon or early Friday morning and depart on Saturday afternoon. No application will be accepted after May 31st, 2013 and no refunds will be given after May 31st, 2013 for cancellation or no-shows.  Checks will be returned for disapproved applications. Consideration for approval is given to your previous participation in the Watermelon Festival and the type of food you serve. All prices for food must be posted in a conspicuous place in your booth. Return only your concession application, Certificate of Liability Insurance and DHEC form with payment in full to: Hampton County Watermelon Festival, Attn: Tammy Mole, 1939 McMillan Rd., Brunson, S.C. 29911. 

For Applications from the internet, just send application and photo
of the concession and food being served. NO CHECKS!

                                              Contact Info: Tammy Mole 803-632-2436     Email:
                                                                            Nancy Meyer 803-943-6856     Email
To print application left click and highlight right click & hit print. You may have to highlight app
          then right click and hit copy. Paste to a word document and then print the application!

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